Public Release of The IRMOS Application Blueprint - A Blueprint for Creating Interactive Applications for Virtualized Real-time Service Infrastructures - 02 December 2009

The intention of this document is to deliver a “blueprint”, serving as a reference guide (or “cookbook”) for application and application component developers. It will provide a guide for engineering applications on the IRMOS Service Oriented Infrastructure. To this direction, it contains definitions and a validation of a methodology and can also be regarded as an advance version of a prospective "IRMOS Methodology White Paper".

In the framework of the IRMOS project a number of useful tools will be developed in order to assist developers during various phases of the application development process. This document gives an overview of these tools and presents a methodology on how to use them.

This guide should make clear what an application developer needs to do in order to put her/his application to the IRMOS virtualized service platform. Therefore it can be regarded as a document for application adaptors. But of course the experiences from application adaptation on how to do so (originating from the demonstrator scenarios) have been used during the creation of this guide.

The document is available at: