eXact Learning Solutions

eXact learning solutions offers its clients a wide range of solutions and services for their content development, management and delivery needs. Our innovative technologies and methodologies allow us to provide full support to our clients in the development of their new generation, learning and content management projects, including multi-language content production, Learning Content Management System (LCMS) & Digital Repository platforms, mobile learning technologies, and consulting services.

eXact learning solutions has over fifteen years of experience and expertise in the IT field as applied to the Content, Learning & Knowledge Management market. Our technological innovations allow enterprises to improve their organizational performance, and achieve significant reductions in business costs.

These empowered organizations are capable of producing and managing standard, interoperable, and reusable learning content, which may be delivered on various platforms and output peripherals, such as via the Web or by means of mobile devices.

Our clients operate in various business areas, including defense, education, finance, healthcare, ICT, manufacturing, the public sector, and retail.

Until August 1st, 2010 the company operated under the name Giunti Labs

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