IT Innovation Centre

The IT Innovation Centre ( is an applied research centre within the University of Southampton's School of Electronics and Computer Science. We research, develop, architect, engineer and integrate innovative IT systems.  We specialise in projects to enable take-up of advanced IT, particularly by industry, commerce and the public sector. We have experience in knowledge management, business processes, security, multimedia, digital libraries and archiving in distributed systems. 

IT Innovation has extensive and world-class expertise in Grids and Service Oriented Architectures, and has been involved in many key European projects in this area over the past decade. These include PROMENVIR (industrial inter-enterprise 'meta-computing' as early as 1997), GRIA (which produced the first Grid middleware designed from the start for commercial inter-enterprise service provision), and more recently SIMDAT (industrial applications), NextGRID (dynamic service provision), BREIN (business flexibility), edutain@Grid (real-time applications) and BRIDGE (interoperability). 

These projects all feed into our widely adopted open source GRIA software (  GRIA is a service-oriented infrastructure (SOI) designed to support B2B collaborations through service provision across organisational boundaries in a secure, interoperable and flexible manner.

IT Innovation Centre
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