National Technical University of Athens

The National Technical University of Athens, founded in 1837, is the oldest and the most prestigious technical university in Greece.

It consists of seven departments, each one covering a different aspect of the engineering field. The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering has three Divisions – Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Power Engineering – which cover numerous research activities in areas such as Communication Networks, Digital Signal Processing, Expert Systems, Management of Information System, Microwave Communication, and other relevant fields.

The major role lately granted to the Division of Computer Science in the R&D field is largely due to the evolution of the Telecommunications Laboratory, which is now the biggest group in ICCS in terms of staff volume and research activities. The Telecommunications Laboratory employs 20 scientists holding Ph.D. degrees in specific areas of information and communication technologies that supervise postgraduate research work of more than 100 highly qualified engineers. The group is entirely devoted to research activities and its members have extensive theoretical and computational experience in the fields of communication network design and management, protocol verification and simulation, OSI architecture, analysis and performance evaluation, software development, Internet applications, distributed database design and management, ISDN, IBCN, LANs, WANS, mobile and personal communications and other advanced research areas.

Since 1986 the Telecommunications Laboratory has been extensively involved in the RACE I and II, ESPRIT, BRITE EURAM, CTS, Telematics and ACTS programmes. In addition, the Laboratory has implemented several national scale projects and provided technical consulting and systems integration / development services, both to the private and public sector in Greece. Therefore the Telecommunications Laboratory serves as the transfer vehicle of the latest scientific advances into the local Greek market.

During the last years, the Telecommunications Laboratory has expanded its expertise and know-how in the field of Grid computing and Service Oriented Architectures through a significant number of R&D projects such as NextGRID, AKOGRIMO, BEinGRID, GRIA, POLYMNIA, HPC-EUROPA and others. It is focusing in designing key concepts and architecting components that will advance the features of the Next Generation Grids and SOAs in relation to technical aspects (resource and execution management through SLAs, prioritized scheduling of computational tasks, workflows specification and management, QoS provision, etc.) 

9 Heroon Polytechniou str.
157 73
Athens, Greece