Thomson Grass Valley Germany GmbH

Grass Valley Germany GmbH (GVG), located in Weiterstadt, Germany, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Thomson group, which provides technology, systems and services to help its Media and Entertainment clients – content creators, content distributors and users of its technology – realize their business goals and optimize their performance in a rapidly changing technology environment. The Group intends to become the preferred partner to the Media & Entertainment industries through its Technicolor®, Grass Valley®, RCA® and THOMSON® brands.

In fiscal year 2005, Thomson generated net sales of approximately €5,428 million. At December 31, 2005, the Group had approximately 26,250 employees in more than thirty countries.

GVG is a leading manufacturer of real time Telecines and Film scanners (brand name: Grass Valley) for the mid to high end range of digital cinema, HDTV and broadcast markets. Grass Valley also now produces ‘Bones’ – a multi-format and resolution-independent post production framework for film acquisition, production, and post production. The Bones environment has two primary components: a user interface that not only provides a common look, feel, and operation, but serves as the heart of an end-to-end post-production workflow, managing the process from data ingest to finished digital master; and a variety of high-performance applications from which you can pick and choose.

The Bones environment supports industry standard file types, including the DPX image format, most common EDL formats, and SMPTE metadata. In addition, its open API is fully compliant with the OFX standard, enabling it to support numerous special-effects applications, as well as custom and other third-party applications. The Bones environment connects directly with Grass Valley postproduction products such as the VIPER® digital film camera and Spirit 4K DataCine® systems. For third- applications, the environment manages the data transfer of images to and from workstations in a facility and collects them for conformance into a completed sequence.

Brunnenweg 9
64331 Weiterstadt